B&B Upway Victoria

People ask why they should stay in a Bed and Breakfast rather than a hotel and there are many reasons that make choosing Bed and Breakfast accommodation the right choice. The first reason for choosing a B&B is that people live everywhere, not just in major cities and towns.

Everyone’s home is unique and therefore your B&B holiday will be unique as well. Whether it is a converted mansion, a farmhouse, or a converted barn, it is the owners that give a house its personality and make it a home, and the owners that make you feel like their “guests”. Staying in a B&B gives you the opportunity to live like a local, and who better to give you advice and information about the area’s best-loved attractions and it’s best-kept secrets than one of its residents? You can also expect to receive a superior level of customer service by staying at a bed and breakfast. B&B’s are normally owned by individuals, who take a hands-on approach to managing the accommodation and strive to ensure that their guests are content and happy. And as the name suggests, your breakfast is a part of your stay and is included in the nightly rate.

When you stay at a hotel, you typically only have access to a small room with two beds and a desk. So most people end up spending very little time in their hotel rooms. On the other hand, at a bed and breakfast, you’ll not only have a cozy bedroom to yourself, you’ll also have several other areas to enjoy, such as the living room and dining room. In addition, some bed and breakfasts feature outdoor areas. Rather than feeling claustrophobic like you can at a hotel, you’ll feel like you want to spend your entire holiday at the bed and breakfast!

At Rosella Cottage you will enjoy all the benefits of a private B&B and you are our guests!